[dojo-contributors] squid theme

Bill Keese bill at dojotoolkit.org
Fri Aug 17 07:32:00 EDT 2007

sam foster wrote:
> I've posted a tundra variation to trac at:
> http://trac.dojotoolkit.org/ticket/4197

Cool!  I copied this to 
so people can see it without downloading that patch.

> its reversed - i.e. white on black. Those of you on this weeks irc
> meeting will get the reference :) I dont know how interesting this is,
> but if nothing else I hope it provides some fodder to test the dijit
> themeability and maybe dry run the contributed theme
> protocol/process/arrangements. Will there be a dojox area for themes?
> I'd think we'd be wary of adding too many to dijit itself given the
> burden of maintenance anytime we change/add anything there.

I think this should go in dijit.  This brings us to four themes:

(half finished, see Button tab)

Tundra is now questionable since soria can be changed to any color. 
We'll probably end up with the tundra directory referencing soria or 
vice-versa to avoid duplicated code and images.  But I'll let Peter sort 
that out after he's done a little more work on soria.

 > The theme is largely automatically produced - using a photoshop action
 > to reverse the gifs, pngs, and a script to invert the colors in
 > tundra.css.

That's a neat trick.

> A couple things I had to tweak for - the # prefixed
> property names tripped up my script. Not a biggee. But we could/should
> use the .dj_ie prefix (or just use _ instead). Some blocks defined a
> background-color, but not color, or vice versa. Again although the css
> validator will gripe at you about this, its not inherently bad, but a
> small inconvenience for the themer wanting to build off tundra.

I agree; feel free to patch these.

> I also bumped into dojo.css - which defines some colors for tables
> unexpectedly. I'd vote for removing that.


> Because it basically *is* tundra, I dont have concerns about
> maintaining a11y. I didnt put the bidi css file in the zip, but I
> could.

I wouldn't worry about it for now, can think about both of these later.

> Open questions: I considered doing the IE scrollbar colors but backed
> that stuff out as too cheesy, and irredeemably IE-only.

Well, IE has the biggest market share so it's important to look as good 
as possible on it.  I think it's worth it.  In your archive the 
scrollbars are a different color, but kind-of orange which seems strange.

> I'm not sure
> about form controls for the same reason. Tundra's design plays nicely
> with native controls visually. A white on black theme doesnt.

This is why Dijit supports widgets for all the form controls (even for 
something like a simple checkbox).

> I'd like to get hold of the original assets for the editor icons -
> they have white halos right now (and dont look right reversed). Does
> anyone know where they came from?


BTW Editor's undo/redo buttons are hard to see, in addition to the 
selected date in a calendar.

> Anyhow its 95% there. Any thoughts/comments appreciated.
> Another thing that fell out of this was a need for some work on
> firebug.css - it picks up too much style from its host page making it
> potentially unreadable on a dark page.
> I can turn suggestions in here into tickets and put togther patches.
> I'm looking for 1.0 for this, not to distract from 0.9. I dont have a
> deep emotional attachment to the thing though so I'll happily drop it
> or maintain it according to interest from you all.

I'd like to have it for 1.0!

The text in the editor and InlineEditBox isn't visible on FF, and on IE 
the Editor is black on white which clashes w/the rest of the screen. 
Not sure what to do about that.  I assume it's because the text color is 
inherited from the page, not the theme?  It makes me wonder if themes 
should define things like general font color (similar to how dojo.css 
works).  Thoughts?

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