[dojo-contributors] squid theme

sam foster potatosculptor at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 23:02:31 EDT 2007

I've posted a tundra variation to trac at:

its reversed - i.e. white on black. Those of you on this weeks irc
meeting will get the reference :) I dont know how interesting this is,
but if nothing else I hope it provides some fodder to test the dijit
themeability and maybe dry run the contributed theme
protocol/process/arrangements. Will there be a dojox area for themes?
I'd think we'd be wary of adding too many to dijit itself given the
burden of maintenance anytime we change/add anything there.

The theme is largely automatically produced - using a photoshop action
to reverse the gifs, pngs, and a script to invert the colors in
tundra.css. A couple things I had to tweak for - the # prefixed
property names tripped up my script. Not a biggee. But we could/should
use the .dj_ie prefix (or just use _ instead). Some blocks defined a
background-color, but not color, or vice versa. Again although the css
validator will gripe at you about this, its not inherently bad, but a
small inconvenience for the themer wanting to build off tundra.
I also bumped into dojo.css - which defines some colors for tables
unexpectedly. I'd vote for removing that.
Because it basically *is* tundra, I dont have concerns about
maintaining a11y. I didnt put the bidi css file in the zip, but I

Open questions: I considered doing the IE scrollbar colors but backed
that stuff out as too cheesy, and irredeemably IE-only. I'm not sure
about form controls for the same reason. Tundra's design plays nicely
with native controls visually. A white on black theme doesnt.
I'd like to get hold of the original assets for the editor icons -
they have white halos right now (and dont look right reversed). Does
anyone know where they came from?

Anyhow its 95% there. Any thoughts/comments appreciated.

Another thing that fell out of this was a need for some work on
firebug.css - it picks up too much style from its host page making it
potentially unreadable on a dark page.

I can turn suggestions in here into tickets and put togther patches.
I'm looking for 1.0 for this, not to distract from 0.9. I dont have a
deep emotional attachment to the thing though so I'll happily drop it
or maintain it according to interest from you all.


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