[dojo-contributors] API Doc Status?

Neil Roberts neil at onebahamas.com
Tue Aug 14 13:40:07 EDT 2007

Craig, I've been working on this full time for the last few days. Can  
you get in touch with me privately so that we can iron out this hook  
between the two systems?


On Aug 14, 2007, at 6:55 AM, Craig Riecke wrote:

> In addition to finishing raw content, I'm making an "integration pass"
> through Dojo Book 0.9 this week.  Does anyone have a status update on
> the API doc?  I'm not so much concerned that the docs are done.   
> Mostly
> I need a mapping function from a Dojo object to an API doc page.  It
> seems the current mapping is (for example):
> dijit.form.Button =>
> http://redesign.dojotoolkit.org/?q=jsdoc/HEAD/object/dijit.form.Button
> In a related question ... do we have a status report on an web service
> API to access this metadata?  At one point, the spec was ... I send  
> over
> an object name, the web service would send me back a JSON or XML
> description of the API for that object.
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