[dojo-contributors] API Doc Status?

Craig Riecke craig at tofuna.com
Tue Aug 14 07:58:52 EDT 2007

In addition to finishing raw content, I'm making an "integration pass" 
through Dojo Book 0.9 this week.  Does anyone have a status update on 
the API doc?  I'm not so much concerned that the docs are done.  Mostly 
I need a mapping function from a Dojo object to an API doc page.  It 
seems the current mapping is (for example):

dijit.form.Button => 

In a related question ... do we have a status report on an web service 
API to access this metadata?  At one point, the spec was ... I send over 
an object name, the web service would send me back a JSON or XML 
description of the API for that object.

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