[dojo-contributors] Monster commit for declare syntax update [10052] - plz UPDATE

Alex Russell alex at dojotoolkit.org
Thu Aug 9 18:27:46 EDT 2007


Thanks for taking the time to get everything updated. It's much 
appreciated, as is your dedication to testing, performance, and 


On Thursday 09 August 2007 1:42 pm, Scott J. Miles wrote:
> I just committed an update that touched a whole lot of files to
> update declare syntax as discussed in other threads.
> Please update asap to avoid collisions when you try to commit
> changes.
> I know this is a hassle for a lot of reasons, especially at this late
> date, but I gotta get this done. I'm trying to make this as painless
> as possible.
> I tried to run every test and example I could find, but it's possible
> I missed a piece of punctuation somewhere. If something is broken,
> let me know and I will look at it right away (just please try to make
> sure it was the fault of this commit).

Alex Russell
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