[dojo-contributors] Improved mixin semantics

peter e higgins dante at inpdx.net
Thu Aug 9 15:44:58 EDT 2007

On Thursday 09 August 2007 15:14, Scott J. Miles wrote:
> Yes, I would never ship anything (on purpose) that outputs warnings, so
> I'm not suggesting we let it go.

i misinterpreted your statements then ... seemed like you were saying "tough 
luck, i'll fix the dijit/dojox warnings if i can find some time, they aren't 
that important anyway" ... seemingly ignoring the fact the dijit folks have 
until tomorrow to stop fixing bugs and start writing docs and testing more 
for the next round. 

but I agree its good you got this in _before_ 0.9 goes out. such a shift in 
API _again_ would horrify people. :)

>  >> i think we [you?] should solidfy this, then go out the
>  >> door with 0.9 "as is" ...
> I don't know what that means.

I guess I should have said 'rectify' ... 

and "as is" meaning "look ma, no deprecation warnings from the get-go" ... 

Peter Higgins

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