[dojo-contributors] case-sensitive svn file renames in dijit

Jared Jurkiewicz jared.jurkiewicz at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 09:19:04 EDT 2007

    You should check dojox too for references.  :-)   There are certainly
refs there to them in box dojox.data and dojox.wire.  Fixing those now.  May
be more in other components, not sure.

-- Jared

On 8/3/07, Douglas Hays <doughays at us.ibm.com> wrote:
> I just committed some case-sensitive file renames in the dijit trunk for
> ticket #3838.
> Revisions were [9947] and [9948].
> If you are on Windows and export your svn checkout source to a work/dev
> directory,
> you may run into problems since the files may not get renamed during the
> export.
> I'm still testing since the changes were fairly extensive. If you see any
> regressions, please send me a note, but so far so good.
> I only found references to the affected widgets within the dijit trunk.
> The renamed files were:
> form/Checkbox.js
> form/CurrencyTextbox.js
> form/DateTextbox.js
> form/NumberTextbox.js
> form/Textbox.js
> form/TimeTextbox.js
> form/ValidationTextbox.js
> form/templates/Checkbox.html
> form/templates/Textbox.html
> tests/form/test_Checkbox.html
> "box" was replaced with "Box".
> Doug Hays
> doughays at us.ibm.com
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