[dojo-contributors] Small proposed change to dojo.io.script

James Burke jburke at dojotoolkit.org
Sun Aug 5 01:29:15 EDT 2007

I was considering something like this before, but I was thinking of
leveraging dojo.withDoc, and having the dojo.io.script stuff reference
dojo.doc for its work (so that it would work with dojo.withDoc). So,
the code that calls dojo.io.script that wants to use a differnent
document would use dojo.withDoc to change the document, and do the
dojo.io.script call within the dojo.withDoc function.

I like the idea of using withDoc since it was designed to allow
changing the dojo.doc reference without having to change code that
worked with the document. (see _base/_loader/hostenv_browser for
dojo.withDoc definition). But I haven't worked all the way through to
see if all that will work for dojo.io.script yet.


On 8/4/07, Tom Trenka <ttrenka at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey guys,
> Dustin and I are running into an issue with io.script where we're trying to
> deal with cross-frame/window references in using some RPC services, and we
> were wondering if we could propose a small change to dojo.io.script before
> 0.9 lands...basically it would allow you to optionally specify a sourceNode
> in the get method ioArg object that attach would use:
> (in dojo.io.script ):
> line 28:
> this.attach(ioArgs.id , ioArgs.url, ioArgs.sourceNode||null);
> attach:function(/*String*/id, /*String*/url, /*Node?*/src){
>      var d=src?src.ownerDocument:document;
>      var element=d.createElement("script");
> ...
>  It's a small simple change but it would allow more advanced users to use
> something like hidden iframes to deal with some cross-domain request
> limitations (which is the situation we're up against).
>  Thoughts? Argument names are up for interpretation (definitely not
> attached).  I ran into a similar problem about a month ago with dojox.gfx,
> and changing references to ownerDocument made a huge difference...
>  trt
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