[dojo-contributors] Small proposed change to dojo.io.script

Tom Trenka ttrenka at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 12:28:25 EDT 2007

Hey guys,
Dustin and I are running into an issue with io.script where we're trying to
deal with cross-frame/window references in using some RPC services, and we
were wondering if we could propose a small change to dojo.io.script before
0.9 lands...basically it would allow you to optionally specify a sourceNode
in the get method ioArg object that attach would use:

(in dojo.io.script):

line 28:

this.attach(ioArgs.id, ioArgs.url, ioArgs.sourceNode||null);

attach:function(/*String*/id, /*String*/url, /*Node?*/src){
    var d=src?src.ownerDocument:document;
    var element=d.createElement("script");

It's a small simple change but it would allow more advanced users to use
something like hidden iframes to deal with some cross-domain request
limitations (which is the situation we're up against).

Thoughts? Argument names are up for interpretation (definitely not
attached).  I ran into a similar problem about a month ago with dojox.gfx,
and changing references to ownerDocument made a huge difference...

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