[dojo-contributors] How to get 0.9 source?

Bill Keese bill at dojotoolkit.org
Wed Aug 1 02:34:20 EDT 2007

James Burke wrote:
> [http://dojotoolkit.org/book/dijit-development-notes/environment] is helpful, but seems incomplete. It does not seem to mention the
> anonymous view.

Right, definitely needs to be added.  I think the original JOT page 
explains anonymous access:


Although the URL is now dojo/view/anon/all/trunk  instead of dojo/trunk.

> I'm also a bit wary of linking to a dijit page as the
> definitive source for the answers (nothing against dijit, just an
> organization thing). Perhaps it is easy to move the page to some other
> area, I haven't tried that sort of operation yet.

Right, you should move the info to a canonical place and then everywhere 
else (including the dijit section) should point there.  By "move" I just 
mean cut/paste the text.

> I'm happy to update the pages I have access to, if we can get a
> complete set of info with the anon access info.


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