[dojo-contributors] Flash Bug/Bootstrap2 fix/Dojo Storage API Possible Change/Integrating Dojo Storage with Dojo Data Provider work?

Brad Neuberg bradneuberg at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 29 18:02:46 EDT 2006

How did you do the fix? If I remember correctly, it's not that Flash to JS was broken generically, it was when I passed over arguments in a certain form I think.

Thanks for fixing it.

By the way, I want to update some things in bootstrap2.js related to pulling in optional things, like debug.js; it does a document.write to get these as script, and I'd like to add a section where I first see if there is a document.body (using the dojo.body or dojo.html.body or whatever it's called these days :) and if that is there do a DOM addition for the script so you don't clobber an already loaded page with a document.write, and otherwise doing a document.write if there is document. Unfortunately, there's no documentation there on why a document.write was done, and I don't know how to really test this code to makesure I'm not breaking some obscure environment. Any suggestions?

Also, I'm planning on making some API level changes to Dojo Storage to support remote service providers, such as S3 or WebDev. I'll have to make most methods asynchronous, such as get(), which are now synchronous to support potentially asycnronous operations. A few questions: first, what is the official way again to update the compat.js package to support backwards compatibility? Second, there's an infrastructure for supporting asychronous operations you were telling me about, where the method returns a delay object or something; where is that again? And finally, does it make sense to unify the data provider stuff folks are doing with the Dojo Storage abstraction, or is that too much to bite off? Maybe the data provider abstraction is too large, and instead it should be designed to pull from a Dojo Storage provider for it's data? I haven't been tracking the data provider work so I'm not as up to date on that.


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I did, but not without a lot of prodding from folks in IRC ;-)


On Thursday 29 June 2006 3:19 am, Brad Neuberg wrote:
> Really? Very nice! I love open source :) Who fixed it?

Alex Russell
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