[dojo-contributors] review of html-refactor work

Tom Trenka ttrenka at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 22:24:23 EDT 2006

Quick answer: no, none of the widget tests/code has been updated as of
yet, mainly because they have been very volatile and approval of the
direction in changes was kind of warranted before moving forward.
This has the potential to impact a very large portion of the library,
and it's a lot of work....

Numeric indices were killed in favor of named properties, and will
definitely need to be changed through the codebase.  The named
property approach is one embodied by dojo.io.bind, which is (IMHO by
far) the most "Dojo-ish" code in the library; we should try to acheive
some consistency throughout the library, and this is one of the first
steps towards that.

We'll definitely need to incorporate any dojo.html.body() changes.

Thank you Bill, for taking a look :)


On 6/26/06, Bill Keese <bill at dojotoolkit.org> wrote:
> Bryan Forbes wrote:
> >       Good question.  We have all of the functions from html.js and style.js
> > moved into appropriate files and I've kept up with mainline patches, so
> > it's just a matter of someone checking and approving what Tom and I have
> > done.  Any takers?
> OK, I looked it over.  I think it still needs some work, because many of
> the tests are broken.
> Also, can you give a summary of what changed?  I understand that stuff
> was split into smaller packages, but how about a rundown of the more
> disruptive changes?  For example, the result of
> dojo.html.toCoordinateArray() doesn't include numeric indices anymore.
> Here are my comments:
> 1. deprecation
> All the old functions (like dojo.html.getViewportWidth) are marked
> deprecated in 0.4 but should be 0.5.  Also maybe they should be moved to
> a separate file (like for the 0.3 deprecations), since the whole point
> of this change is to optimize download size.
> 2. style
> Now there are two files both called style.js, plus a html/style
> directory.  Besides the (unavoidable?) confusion of having both
> dojo.style and dojo.html.style, it seems like a bad idea to have both a
> style.js file and a style directory, since they are both "dojo.html.style".
> 3. merge
> Need to merge in the recent changes for dojo.body()
> 4. update widgets / tests etc.
> Was all the widget code, etc. updated to use the new apis?  I found
> errors in many of the tests:
> style/
> test_absolutePosition.html - broken
> test_style_setBox.html - hangs on FF.  unsure if related to your changes
> or not
> test_style_showHideDisplayVisible.html - broken
> dnd/
> test_container.html - broken, plus deprecation warnings
> widgets/
> test_Button.html - broken
> test_Dialog.html - broken
> test_Editor2.html - broken
> (stopped testing at this point)
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