[dojo-contributors] review of html-refactor work

Bill Keese bill at dojotoolkit.org
Mon Jun 26 22:12:10 EDT 2006

Bryan Forbes wrote:
> 	Good question.  We have all of the functions from html.js and style.js
> moved into appropriate files and I've kept up with mainline patches, so
> it's just a matter of someone checking and approving what Tom and I have
> done.  Any takers?

OK, I looked it over.  I think it still needs some work, because many of
the tests are broken.

Also, can you give a summary of what changed?  I understand that stuff
was split into smaller packages, but how about a rundown of the more
disruptive changes?  For example, the result of
dojo.html.toCoordinateArray() doesn't include numeric indices anymore.

Here are my comments:

1. deprecation

All the old functions (like dojo.html.getViewportWidth) are marked
deprecated in 0.4 but should be 0.5.  Also maybe they should be moved to
a separate file (like for the 0.3 deprecations), since the whole point
of this change is to optimize download size.

2. style

Now there are two files both called style.js, plus a html/style
directory.  Besides the (unavoidable?) confusion of having both
dojo.style and dojo.html.style, it seems like a bad idea to have both a
style.js file and a style directory, since they are both "dojo.html.style".

3. merge

Need to merge in the recent changes for dojo.body()

4. update widgets / tests etc.

Was all the widget code, etc. updated to use the new apis?  I found
errors in many of the tests:

test_absolutePosition.html - broken
test_style_setBox.html - hangs on FF.  unsure if related to your changes
or not
test_style_showHideDisplayVisible.html - broken

test_container.html - broken, plus deprecation warnings

test_Button.html - broken
test_Dialog.html - broken
test_Editor2.html - broken

(stopped testing at this point)

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