[dojo-contributors] Lazy Parsing and fast widget creation

Ilia Kantor ilia at dojotoolkit.org
Mon Jun 26 19:17:24 EDT 2006

I'm optimizing the tree for performance now. The problem is that markup
creation is very slow.


Everything is overridden for speed, but I still measure 0.7 sec for 100
nodes. That's far too slow.


Widget creation is most time-consuming part, but parsing is also an
expensive and memory-hungry operation.

I think we need a way to stop-resume parsing of DOM (xml/Parse.js).


E.g for the tree we specify

<dojo:Tree lazyParse="true">

            <dojo:TreeNode> node level 1

                        <dojo:TreeNode> node level 2

                                    <dojo:TreeNode> node level 3



When a person clicks expand node1 then widgets runs parsing of one more
level and new widgets are created.


-          only one more level to process, not all

-          widget should know (or be able to know) if it has subwidgets (to
show +- expand labels).

We can do that in markup with explicit isFolder=true attribute, is there
another way ?



Any widget that puts lots of information in markup and allows lazy parsing
will benefit from this feature.


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