[dojo-contributors] Re: Kicking off Dojo 2D project

Gavin Doughtie gavin at dfmm.org
Thu Jun 22 02:19:32 EDT 2006

Gavin Doughtie wrote:

> Eugene's concept was that there would be "fill" and "stroke" objects 
> that would carry all properties generically, and the interface would 
> only need to be "setFill" or "setStroke", like:
> shape.setFill({opacity: 0.5, color: dojo.graphics.color.Color(255, 
> 255, 0)})
Just re-read this and it's wrong. I actually think the idea is to have 
first-class object "dojo.gfx.Stroke" and "dojo.gfx.Fill" with the 
properties above, "Fill" for example would be returned both for 
"dojo.gfx.createGradient" and "dojo.gfx.createPattern"

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