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Dylan Schiemann mail at dylans.org
Tue Jun 20 03:17:10 EDT 2006

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- -1 on removing david schontzler

The other's on this list, while representing an amazing talent in this
space, haven't exactly had much time to help out with Dojo.

Dustin Machi wrote:
> We are trying to clean up accounts for those individuals who are no
> longer active committers to the project.   Being a committer implies
> that you are active in the development of the toolkit. We have noted
> that these accounts have not been active in awhile. We definitely don't
> want anyone to feel guilty as we understand that we have the best and
> the brightest people working on the toolkit and not everyone has the
> time to continue to contribute as much as they might like to. Everyone
> here has contributed and provided valuable input at various stages of
> development since the creation of the toolkit. The cleanup process will
> begin in 1 week when we will remove the following accounts:
> jesse
> mda
> da
> simon
> lhl
> supah
> bob
> david
> matt
> If any of these individuals believe they have mistakenly been
> identified, please let me know before Wed, June 28.  When these accounts
> are removed, committer access will no longer be available and the voting
> privileges for foundation matters will no longer apply.
> Once again, we appreciate all the work that these individuals have done.
> Thanks,
> Dustin
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