[dojo-contributors] xdDojo 0.3.1 on AOL's CDN

James Burke jburke at dojotoolkit.org
Tue Jun 13 17:24:02 EDT 2006

AOL's AIMPages group (http://aimpages.com) just put a cross-domain
(xdomain) build of Dojo 0.3.1 up on their CDN. What does this mean for
you? If you follow the guidelines here:


you can load all of the Dojo JS packages from AOL's CDN instead of
your domain. Benefits:

  * You get more connections in MSIE, since you can load from another
domain. Faster loading.
  * You get increased cacheability/startup if many of your
applications use the same xdDojo installation.
  * Package loading does not block the rest of the page from filling
in as with Dojo's normal, synchronous loading.
  * With a local install, your ISP may charge you for all of those
Dojo bits that you are serving.

NOTE: You still need a local Dojo installation for some non-JS
resources, but all the Dojo JS files will be loaded from the CDN. The
widgets have their HTML and CSS interned into the xd files, so that
data will be xdomain loaded too.

Test page that demonstrated how to use the AOL CDN for xdDojo:

xdDojo build of the Ajax profile (in case you want to host your own
xdomain Dojo build):

That xdDojo build was generated with the following build command from
the 0.3.1 release:

ant -Dprofile=ajax -DdojoLoader=xdomain -Ddocless=true
-Dversion=0.3.1.xdomain clean release intern-strings


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