[dojo-contributors] 2D Graphics Recap

Gavin Doughtie gavin at dfmm.org
Sat Jun 10 19:06:19 EDT 2006

Tom Trenka wrote:
> Clarifications: I am *not* planning on trying to use JS to make up for
> VML's shortcomings; any script I'd be using would be within the
> translation process itself.  The end result will be pure VML; there
> won't be any JS library that you'll be forced to include as a part of
> the transformation to make up for limitations.
Right, now I remember -- it's an MS extension so you don't have to do 
string processing and such with XSLT.
> I'm going to be trying to write this so that it actually isn't
> Dojo-specific at all; I don't have to be explicit about preserving
> Dojo-specific attributes, I'll just be copying them over en masse.
> Hopefully it means that anyone trying to use SVG can simply include
> the XSL with a couple of lines of JS code for VML translation.
> (Also, just for the record, it's a joint proposal and the original
> suggestion came from Jon Ferriaolo of IBM, who is one of the major
> movers on the SVG specification)
Excellent. It's the SVG equivalent of the google excanvas then. It 
sounds like a pretty tough piece of code!

>> The applications we're thinking of fall into layers (lightest-weight to
>> heaviest):
>> 1) Widgets/UI
>> 2) Charting Library
>> 3) Drawing Editor
> I'd suggest that 2 and 3 should probably be switched, but that's a
> really minor point ;)
Well, if the chart is updating as the data changes, then it *is* a 
drawing editor, and the user is the datastream :-D
(or the drawing editor is a chart where the data is the user's whim...)
> The only other thing I'd mention is that if we end up trying to go
> down a specific, complex path (such as creating a meta-vector
> declarative language), I will probably speak out pretty hard against
> it; we need to keep usage KISS in mind for this, as it has the
> potential to get out of hand fairly quickly.  And with that warning
> I'll shut my trap :)
Eugene said there's a new proposal coming soon -- we're inclined to just 
make a set of proxy objects for SVG and VML and leave the markup as a 
separate piece. Ultimately, I'd like the SVG and VML specializations be 
able to ingest their respective DOM nodes, but that would come after 
your translator runs.

BTW, I'm on #dojo today if there's anything you wish to bat around. 
(Same for anybody else reading this).


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