[dojo-contributors] 2D Graphics Recap

Gavin Doughtie gavin at dfmm.org
Fri Jun 9 20:43:38 EDT 2006

I think there's several things being discussed and thought we might do a 
little refactoring so I don't stump for the wrong functionality at the 
wrong time:

1) Graphics for declarative widget authoring. This is Tom's proposal to 
declare widget graphics in dojo-decorated SVG and have an XSLT-driven 
translation layer that will create equivalent VML+JS in IE.

2) Retained-mode Javascript objects, suitable for procedurally 
generating complicated charts or for use in a drawing editor.

3) An immediate-mode API

These systems would cross over at various points:

a) The immediate-mode API would produce retained-mode Javascript objects.
b) The Javascript objects could be instantiated/retrieved via a "get" 
API on widgets declared in markup
(probably some I'm forgetting)

The applications we're thinking of fall into layers (lightest-weight to 

1) Widgets/UI
2) Charting Library
3) Drawing Editor

That roughly correspond to the application areas Tom, Eugene and I are 
personally interested in. (Please forgive me if I've misread what you're 
trying to make sure the API can accomplish).

I'm all jet-lagged and fuzzy at the moment, but I'll be on #dojo and IM 
most of the day tomorrow and possibly even later on tonight. I hope that 
we, and anybody following quietly, can solidify the layers of this 
system we want to build.


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