[dojo-contributors] ReST Documentation

Dustin Machi dmachi at dojotoolkit.org
Wed Jun 7 23:17:22 EDT 2006

>> Perhaps we should just be hosting your documentation tools here?  Or 
>> could you perhaps clarifiy how they will be different.  IIRC, we'll 
>> have our dojo doc widgets that parse json files to display api 
>> information, and then there is also wiki contributed information that 
>> is linked in with the tools.  While I know that we have been making it 
>> so that the dojo doc tools will work from localhost, we also need to 
>> host them live somewhere....is this what will go at 
>> manual.dojotoolkit.org? Or is this only the wiki portion of that 
>> information?
> JSON objects can be loaded from anywhere, really. And since I can pipe 
> the wiki stream through any server, that can be loaded from anywhere as 
> well. The wiki information IS stored at manual.dojotoolkit.org, but I 
> was planning on making it more like a static version of the doc tool 
> than anything else. Apparently though, everything I've been planning 
> doesn't really matter right now, so I'll default to Alex on this.

Thats pretty much what I meant.  manual.dojotoolkit.org will be a site 
that looks pretty much the same as what you would go to when you visit 
doctool.html locally.  Can we host both that (doctool) and the wiki 
stuff (user contrib api info) on the same vhost?


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