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Neil Roberts neil at onebahamas.com
Wed Jun 7 22:55:12 EDT 2006

On Jun 7, 2006, at 8:30 PM, Dustin Machi wrote:

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> Neil Roberts wrote:
>>> 1.  the "Dojo Manual" is intended to be reference documentation.   
>>> It currently hosts old ReST api information that is out of date.   
>>> This needs to be purged from there and updated to reflect current  
>>> api.  Neil will have to comment on the best way to go about that  
>>> in relation to the documentation tools he is preparing.
>> API information should be pretty easy to copy from one point to  
>> another. I'll be doing a lot of this by hand, but needless to say,  
>> this won't be ridiculous to do.
> Perhaps we should just be hosting your documentation tools here?   
> Or could you perhaps clarifiy how they will be different.  IIRC,  
> we'll have our dojo doc widgets that parse json files to display  
> api information, and then there is also wiki contributed  
> information that is linked in with the tools.  While I know that we  
> have been making it so that the dojo doc tools will work from  
> localhost, we also need to host them live somewhere....is this what  
> will go at manual.dojotoolkit.org? Or is this only the wiki portion  
> of that information?

JSON objects can be loaded from anywhere, really. And since I can  
pipe the wiki stream through any server, that can be loaded from  
anywhere as well. The wiki information IS stored at  
manual.dojotoolkit.org, but I was planning on making it more like a  
static version of the doc tool than anything else. Apparently though,  
everything I've been planning doesn't really matter right now, so  
I'll default to Alex on this.

>>> 2.  the "Dojo Book" is more "how-to" than reference information.   
>>> Many of the articles that were on the previous website belong in  
>>> here and should be relocated to Dojo Book (like those about  
>>> events and bind). After they are relocated, all the information  
>>> stored in ReST format in the svn repo should be purged from the  
>>> repo to avoid duplication and sync issues.
>> Agreed. If anyone would like to help with Dojo Book, please let me  
>> know. I finished this jot program a long time ago, but no one has  
>> ever stuck with creating content.
> Should we just copy/paste those old docs in there?

Sure, if someone wants to

> Dustin
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