[dojo-contributors] ReST Documentation

Dustin Machi dmachi at sitepen.com
Wed Jun 7 18:01:58 EDT 2006

In the IRC meeting today, we had a discussion revolving around the old 
ReST documentation hosted in the svn repo but not directly linked to any 
longer from the new website.  Of course, this needs to be resolved, and 
this is what we came up with:

1.  the "Dojo Manual" is intended to be reference documentation.  It 
currently hosts old ReST api information that is out of date.  This 
needs to be purged from there and updated to reflect current api.  Neil 
will have to comment on the best way to go about that in relation to the 
documentation tools he is preparing.

2.  the "Dojo Book" is more "how-to" than reference information.  Many 
of the articles that were on the previous website belong in here and 
should be relocated to Dojo Book (like those about events and bind). 
After they are relocated, all the information stored in ReST format in 
the svn repo should be purged from the repo to avoid duplication and 
sync issues.

3.  The projectRoadmap and projectStatus need to be ported over to be 
part of the new website.

4.  The style guide should get relocated to Dojo Book.

Feedback? Complaints? Suggestions? Volunteers?


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