[dojo-contributors] Re: Draft: Unified 2D graphics subsystem for Dojo

Tom Trenka ttrenka at gmail.com
Wed Jun 7 10:05:27 EDT 2006

> While various text effects can be useful, the plain jane unrotated text
> works the best in most cases. I think it would nice to include some HTML
> text positioning facilities so the labels can be placed properly using
> current transformation --- it may be hard to calculate the exact
> placement without a cooperation with dojo.gfx (or whatever it will be
> called).

Rudimentary facilities for some of this is in dojo.svg right now; I've
no problem folding that into something else but I'd suggest that that
file remains as is (as the equivilent to dojo.html).  In fact, I'd
suggest that we start with really low level stuff like that and build
the drawing API on top of it (much in the same way that a lot of lfx
draws on style and html).  Part of that process will have to be
pushing HTML-specific style info into html.js, and then touching a lot
of files to make that change (a lot of the current Dojo code
references dojo.style, even though almost all of the same code
references dojo.html...and since both dom and style are mixed into


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