[dojo-contributors] How to know if a CLA/CCLA has been signed?

Brian Douglas Skinner skinner at dojotoolkit.org
Sat Apr 29 23:16:56 EDT 2006

Alex Russell wrote:
> To clarify: that they're not published is not an accident or a bug to 
> be fixed. While individuals who contribute obviously aren't anonymous, 

Given that individual contributions aren't anonymous anyway (what with 
SVN logs available), could we have a list posted of the people who've 
signed ICLAs?  Or, perhaps have that as the default, and make an 
exception if there's some weird circumstance where for some reason a 
person needs to keep their involvement with Dojo a secret?

> we don't want to put companies who may be contributing (or considering 
> contributing) at a competitive disadvantage with a potential leak of 
> sensitive information. For a lot of people, the information that 
> they'll be using or investing in Dojo is sensitive (until it's not).

We certainly don't want to do anything to discourage corporate 
contributions, and it makes sense that a company would want to have 
control of the timing of its announcement that it's contributing to 
Dojo.  But once a company has signed a CCLA and has contributed code, 
can't we then safely include their name on a posted list of the ICLAs 
and CCLAs we have on file?  It'd be great to see Dojo operating as 
transparently as is practical.

:o) Brian

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