[dojo-contributors] Bootstrap refactoring landed on trunk

James Burke jburke at dojotoolkit.org
Sat Apr 29 20:22:39 EDT 2006

If you update from the trunk, you will get the bootstrap refactoring
code. See the following for information on it:

- http://trac.dojotoolkit.org/ticket/627
- http://dojo.jot.com/WikiHome/BootstrapBloat

Some notes:

1) There are some references to some of the deprecated functions in
parser.php for the doctool. I didn't remove them, but those deprecated
functions should not be in the source tree anywhere now (except in the
compatibility package).

2) There is a compatibility package if you really want the old
functions. Define djConfig.compat = "0.2.2" to get the compatibility

3) I want to rename bootstrap2.js to loader.js, but I'll let the dust
settle a little bit before doing so. The idea is to allow for
different package loaders: loader_xd.js for xdomain loading, and
something like loader_lite.js which would just provide loader stubs
for a self-contained, one file dojo package.

4) I didn't test any hostenvs except browser. I'm not sure how to test
them. The biggest change is that bootstrap2.js is loaded before
hostenv_*.js now (instead of after).

Holler if you see any problems :) I'll wait until tomorrow to send
email to dojo-interest. I want something on archive.dojotoolkit.org
that I can reference in the email, mainly to  point to the
compatibility package file (src/compat/0.2.2.js) to see what functions
were removed.

There is still some more cleanup to do, mentioned in this bug:


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