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Alex Russell alex at dojotoolkit.org
Sat Apr 29 16:17:19 EDT 2006

On Saturday 29 April 2006 12:59 pm, Eugene Lazutkin wrote:
> Alex Russell wrote:
> > I'll sign up as backup mentor.
> >
> > There's nothing quite like rich text in a browser to cure engineers
> > of delusions of competence ;-)
> This is an excellent idea for SoC. I know first hand that people
> looking for Rich Edit solutions inside Dojo's framework (with Dojo
> licenses and without an overhead of the extra package).

I'm a bit confused. We already have an evlolving RichText component, and 
now 2 Editor wrappers around it to add things like toolbars and the 
like. And we'll soon have table editing and arbitrary content 

> One feature, which is required often, is to have a "sanitizer" for
> user's input with possible transformations (like add an icon or
> target="_blank" to all external references, and so on). If this guy
> can do a framework for doing things like that it would be totally
> worthwhile.

We have the places needed to plug that in. Just not a good sanitizer 
yet. I would welcome that as a SoC project (with follow-on's if that 
goes well).

> I hope that the progress of this project and related docs will be
> tracked in the wiki for everybody to see.

We can add that as a success criteria for the project(s).


Alex Russell
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