[dojo-contributors] SoC Student

Scott J. Miles sjmiles at turboajax.com
Sat Apr 29 14:40:46 EDT 2006

Here is what he says:

first, improve RichText widget to provide fundimental functions to
manuipluate the editing area

'fundamental functions' refers to something like create element in the
richtext, find whether one element is a child of another, etc

second, rework Editor widget/EditorToolbar Widget to support plugins, custom
defined actions etc

and implement a framework for dialogs

i18n/l10n is planned as well

and I have some other ideas, such as the principle of "Action" (like the one
in Qt/KDE)

another idea: make RichText widget based on plugins itself, so that the
users can plugin/unplug some specific actions/commands

He's got a bunch of ideas, obviously it's not fully formed, but I don't
think he wants to write a big proposal without some idea that he can get

He wound it up with this modest claim:

the final deliverable will be an extensible/powerful (comparible to
fckeditor) WYSIWYG editor based on Dojo

Scott J. Miles
TurboAjax Group

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Did he say exactly what he meant by that?  I got the impression that what
Alex has been busting his nuts on for Jot does FCKEditor a bit better (and
it was kind of my impression that the Dojo RichText editor already *did* FCK
one better as it was?  Although that was based on the editor work I did back
in 2002 and a quick review of both the current Dojo one and FCKEditor about
4 months ago)...


On 4/29/06, Scott J. Miles <sjmiles at turboajax.com> wrote:
> Gah, that was supposed to read "how it's NOT as easy as it sounds". 
> Sorry for the extra noise.
> Scott
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> A student appeared in #dojo today saying he wants to start a SoC 
> project to build an extension of the RichTextEditor to support 
> 'advanced functions like fckedit does'.
> I busted his b***s about how it's as easy as it sounds to do that in a 
> reliable cross-browser manner, but he is cocky and insists he has the 
> skillz.
> Anyway, he's looking for somebody to back his project. I wish I could, 
> but I just can't make the time. Any takers?
> His email address is: liucougar at gmail.com
> Scott


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