[dojo-contributors] Committing Bootstrap changes this weekend, unless?

James Burke jburke at dojotoolkit.org
Fri Apr 28 00:11:38 EDT 2006

I'm going to commit the bootstrap changes this weekend. Paul's first
review and then IRC discussion led to the following changes:

 1. _addHostEnv is wrapped up in a closure so as not to remain in global
 2. debug.js will be included if djConfig.isDebug is true or if
 debugAtAllCosts is true.
 3. There is support for a compatibility package. If djConfig.compat =
 "0.2.2" is set, then dojo.js will load src/compat/0.2.2.js. This file has
 the function definitions that were removed as part of the bootstrap

I believe these changes are in line with what was suggested to be
fixed with the first patch, so I am going to apply the changes to the
trunk this weekend unless someone hollers.


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