[dojo-contributors] dojo.fx.lite

Sandro Magi smagi at naasking.homeip.net
Mon Apr 24 09:54:48 EDT 2006

Tom Trenka wrote:
> After helping Bryan with the code, I would definitely say 2 things here:
> 1. Chain and combine really are two separate things. Take this example:
> anim1.chain(anim2, anim3.chain(anim5), anim4).play()
> which would play the following, in order:
> anim1 --> anim2
>           anim3 --> anim5
>           anim4
> (note that none of these animations need to be the same duration, the
> key is chaining them effectively)
> Effectively, this gives you both chain and combine.  The reason for the
> combine (Bryan, correct me if I'm wrong) was if you wanted to start
> several animations at once.

Right, which is why I suggested:

chain -> new Animation(...)
combine -> new Parallel(...) or new Concurrent(...)

Sorry if this wasn't clear.


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