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Alex Russell alex at dojotoolkit.org
Sun Apr 23 14:48:55 EDT 2006

I'm kinda w/ scott on this (unless there's some reason we can't), 
although I do prefer a chain() method on the animations themselves and 
perhaps a static chain() method on the top-level dojo.lfx object.

Regardless, this is shaping up to be a very powerful, very easy to use 
system. Can't wait till it lands. Congrats Bryan!


On Friday 21 April 2006 3:44 pm, Scott J. Miles wrote:
> >> var comb = new dojo.fx.lite.Combine(anim1, anim2, anim3);
> >> comb.play(); anim1.chain(anim2.chain(anim3)).play();
> I suggest we just have one syntax for combining/chaining. i.e.:
> new dojo.fx.Combine(anim1, anim2, anim3).play();
> new dojo.fx.Chain(anim1, anim2, anim3).play();
> a complex example might look like this:
> new dojo.fx.Combine(anim1, new dojo.fx.Chain(new
> dojo.fx.Combine(anim2, anim2b), anim3), anim4).play();
> Parallelism helps memory-challenged individuals like myself.
> Regards,
> Scott J. Miles
> TurboAjax Group
> http://www.turboajax.com
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> Subject: [dojo-contributors] dojo.fx.lite
> Dear fellow developers,
>      About 2 or 3 weeks ago, I was charged with the task (ok, I took
> the task on voluntarily) of coming up with a lite version of our
> animation library.  Attached is what I have come up with after
> consulting both Alex and Tom.  I have tried to make this as powerful
> as possible, while keeping the syntax simple.  With the help of Dan
> Pupius (through Alex), I have also added some simple easing functions
> to this animation library and I've tried to make it easy to use your
> own easing functions.  The real workhorse of this animation library
> is dojo.fx.lite.propertyAnimation.  The syntax is as follows:
> dojo.fx.lite.propertyAnimation([
> 	{ property: /*String naming the property to change*/ prop,
> 	  node: /*DOMNode*/ node,
> 	  handlers: /*Object of event functions*/ handlers,
> 	  start: /*starting value*/ start,
> 	  end: /*ending value*/ end,
> 	  units: /*String (defaults to "px")*/ units,
> 	  curve: /*an optional curve object*/,
> 	  repeatCount: /*int*/,
> 	  rate: /*int*/ }, ...],
> 	duration, easing);
>      For an example of how this is used, check out
> dojo.fx.lite.fadeIn or any of the other animations defined in
> lite.js.
>      One other thing I have included is the ability to easily combine
> and chain animations together.  Basically, it is as follows:
> To combine two or more animations together:
> var comb = new dojo.fx.lite.Combine(anim1, anim2, anim3);
> comb.play();
> To chain (play one after another) animations together:
> anim1.chain(anim2.chain(anim3)).play();
> To combine with a chain:
> anim1.chain(anim2, anim3.chain(anim4)).play();
> The last one will play the animations in this order:
> anim1 -> anim2 + (anim3 -> anim4)
>      Both combine and chain can take either a Combine or an Animation
> so there is no need to convert from one to another.  Please take a
> look at this and let me know what you think.  There is a working demo
> at
> http://www.reigndropsfall.net/fx.lite/test.html.  As you can see,
> this only pulls in 8 files (excluding fx/lite.js and
> fx/lite/Animation.js). Another thing that need to be discussed is a
> new namespace for dojo.fx.lite (since that's not a very lite
> namespace).  Alex suggested to me dojo.ngfx (for Next Generation FX)
> or dojo.lfx.  I was thinking dojo.lx, but I'd like to hear some more
> ideas.  Anyway, take a look at the code I have attached (the .zip
> should be extracted into src/fx) give me some feedback. Thanks!
> -Bryan Forbes

Alex Russell
alex at jot.com
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