[dojo-contributors] Google SoC 2006: should we participate?

Brian Douglas Skinner skinner at dojotoolkit.org
Thu Apr 20 16:16:52 EDT 2006

Alex Russell wrote:
> Google has opened up their Summer of Code thinger again ...
> What do you think: is this somethign the Foundation should pursue? 
> What would be good, well-scoped projects to direct potential 
> contributors toward?
> If we do decide to do it, will someone volunteer to mentor the 
> participants? 

I just read through the Google Summer of Code Mentor (SoC) FAQ [1]. 
I've got a couple of student project ideas in mind, and I'd like to 
volunteer to mentor any students who are interested in working on either 
the dojo.data package or the OpenRecord code.

If Dojo wants to participate, we need to pick a SoC "mentoring 
organization administrator" to represent Dojo, and that person needs to 
send our application to Google in the next week or so (by April 30). 
I'm hoping that someone else will volunteer to be Dojo's "organization 
administrator", but if nobody else is game then I can do that.

After that the Dojo developers who want to be mentors need to register 
via the Google SoC site, and we need to post a list of project ideas for 
students to choose from.  The project ideas need to be posted by May 1 
or so, because Google requires the students to have submitted their 
proposal by May 8.

:o) Brian

[1] http://code.google.com/soc/mentorfaq.html

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