[dojo-contributors] doctype support

Jon Sykes jon.sykes at media-hive.com
Thu Apr 20 12:48:03 EDT 2006

This conversation just came up over in the discussion list, but I  
figured it was worth redirecting here.

Bill listed a solution to a widget problem (not pointing fingers,  
just using it as an example), that the person should not use:

<input … />

but should just use

<input … >

Now the later is allowed as part of the HTML 4.0 specs, but is NOT  
valid XML and therefore isn't allowed in any of the XHTML specs or  
any spec that truly uses XML as it's baseline.

Bill pointed out that all the widget units tests are in HTML 4.0 not  

What is the Dojo support standing for doctypes?  Does Dojo and more  
specifically the Dojo demo widgets not support XHTML as a markup  


Jon Sykes

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