[dojo-contributors] SVG/VML/Canvas API discussion

Tom Trenka ttrenka at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 16:46:44 EDT 2006

I would disagree with what you're saying for the most part.  I'll address
your points one by one (understanding that you are an SVG layman =):

On 4/18/06, Jon Sykes <jon.sykes at media-hive.com> wrote:
> I'd need to do much more reading before I could make an educated comment,
> so consider this an SVG layman's view point.
> SVG as in the example below is the vector equivalent to HTML and CSS.
> So we can probably use CSS and HTML as an analogy...
> It's core functions work just fine, but there may be some aspects of the
> static rendering that need to be tweaked (fixed) so they work across all the
> supported browsers.

 Hopefully Safari and Opera are actually following the W3 spec on this, so
that we *don't* have to do that.  All indications are that they are...the
real issue here is IE, we'll come back to that.

The real API should be the interaction of this with JS and JS and the
> server.
> So animation of SVG, manipulation of SVG, Ajax style updates of SVG.

dojo.io.bind works just fine for this; we don't need any other API to cover
this (trust me on this one, there's something coming to Open Source soon I
worked on with Dylan that did exactly this).

Then there is probably a need for making complex static things easier to do
> in SVG.  So the taking of data and showing it in theme'able widget bar
> charts and pie charts.

OK, so this is probably a good example of a need.  My own feeling on this is
to take the approach I've already started taking: provide widgets that do
this.  The Chart widget (which I think I just inadvertantly broke by
checking in updates before it was ready) is a good example of this; it uses
SVG directly, the same way other widgets use HTML directly.

I think probably we should discuss the needs before the API (which is my
fault, since I threw out API at first).

Any other thoughts on needs and goals?

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