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Bill Keese bill at dojotoolkit.org
Sat Apr 15 12:35:10 EDT 2006

Wow, I didn't even notice this thread before.  To repeat my suggestion 
from the dojo-interest list, given that you want to combine two features 
(reading current value and advancing) into one function, you should call 
the function get():

while(var item = it.get()){

because that's an established pattern from C:

while( (i=getChar()) != EOF )
while( (p=gets()) != NULL )

Tom Trenka wrote:
> I hate to resurrect this, but...
> Aside from "iterator wars", this is what I'm going to go with:
> var it=col.getIterator();
> while(!it.atEnd()){
>     var item=it.current();
>     // do stuff
> }
> The idea here is that current() not only returns the current item, but 
> also advances the internal cursor to the next item in the collection.  
> atEnd() should be obvious. I will also provide an "item" property, which 
> will be the current item in the collection. Hopefully this is the best 
> comprimise I can think of.  It should also be able to support a for form...
> for(it.current();!it.atEnd(); it.current()){
>    // do stuff.
> }
> (still thinking about that one but it should work as long as the 
> initializer is called)
> ...and I will try to write it so that calling current() past the end of 
> the collection returns null, so the do...while form should work as well:
> do{
>    // something
> } while (it.current())
> (only issue with this form is that there has to be something in the 
> collection for it to work, but internally you will be able to test if 
> item == null).
> Would that cover all the bases?  If I have time, I might try to add 
> functional iteration to the iterators as well, but that's low on the 
> priority list (fix the imperative first, then look at the functional).  
> Also, does anyone see any holes with this?  I haven't coded anything yet 
> (slamming on a project right now) but I thought I would throw this out 
> in time for the meeting (without getting into another holy war).
> trt
> On 4/4/06, *Alex Russell* <alex at dojotoolkit.org 
> <mailto:alex at dojotoolkit.org>> wrote:
>     On Tuesday 04 April 2006 7:03 am, Tom Trenka wrote:
>      > > But since there are a number of people that seem to want the
>      > > functional iteration, don't be too surprised if someone adds that
>      > > into the collections code (at some point in the future).
>      >
>      > As administrative "owner" of that code, I *might* consider pulling
>      > any addition like that out.  If it saved even 4 to 5 lines of code on
>      > the part of the owner, that'd be one story.  But to add something
>      > like that (either duplicating or including the dependency) is a bit
>      > ridiculous when you can do it, on your own, in one to two lines of
>      > code yourself.
>      >
>      > You might think everyone wants the functional iterator, but I'd
>      > submit to you the majority of the people who would use the
>      > Collections code over working with an array directly will prefer the
>      > imperative, because that's what they know--which translates directly
>      > to shorter dev time.
>     Bogus. If that was a workable argument our code would all look like C#
>     or Java. I, for one, thank my chosen diety that it doesn't.
>      > Yes, its a cool feature.  But it's just as easy for you to do it in
>      > your app as it is for me to create the dependency.
>     Didn't we go through this? Just add an iteratorInstance.forEach() method
>     w/ the same signature as the dojo.lang.forEach() (sans iterated
>     object). I'm seriously cofounded why we're still having this
>     discussion.
>     It's not that much code and it keeps us out of non-dynamic language
>     hell. Add it, please, so that we can be done with this discussion.
>     Regards
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