[dojo-contributors] Fwd: API Spring Cleaning for 0.3

James Burke jburke at dojotoolkit.org
Wed Apr 12 19:32:54 EDT 2006

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From: James Burke <jburke at dojotoolkit.org>
Date: Apr 12, 2006 4:32 PM
Subject: API Spring Cleaning for 0.3
To: dojo-interest at dojotoolkit.org

For the 0.3 release, we want to clean up and trim down some functions
that are part of the "bootstrap" process for Dojo. The full change
list is on the BootstrapBloat page:


but this post will specifically highlight methods that are targeted for removal.

If this causes you incredible hardship, and defining a compatibility package:


won't help you, then please let us know as soon as possible.

Targeted for removal:

* dj_throw(), dj_rethrow() (use dojo.raise() instead)
* dj_debug() (use dojo.debug() instead)
* dj_unimplemented() (use dojo.unimplemented() instead)
* dj_deprecated() (use dojo.deprecated())
* dj_inherits()
* dojo.hostenv.setBaseScriptUri()
* dojo.loaded() (Alex/Dylan, can we really remove it?)
* dojo.hostenv.getLibraryScriptUri() (only keep it in hostenv_jsc.js)
* dojo.hostenv.require) (use dojo.require() instead)
* dojo.requireAfter()
* dojo.requireIf() (use dojo.requireAfterIf() instead)
* dojo.conditionalRequire()
* dojo.requireAll()
* dojo.hostenv.provide() (use dojo.provide() instead)
* dojo.exists() (change code to use dojo.evalObjPath() if possible)
* dojo.hostenv.byId(0 (use dojo.byId() instead)
* dojo.hostenv.byIdArray() (If really useful, merge the functionality
into dojo.byId?)
* dojo.hostenv.conditionalLoadModule() (use dojo.kwCompoundRequire()
instead). dojo.hostenv.conditionalLoadModule() will probably be kept
around, but you are strongly encouraged to change to
dojo.kwCompoundRequire(). The dojo codebase will be changed over to
use dojo.kwCompoundRequire(). Right now dojo.kwCompoundRequire() is an
alias to dojo.hostenv.conditionalLoadModule() anyway.


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