[dojo-contributors] Single-platform Streamlining

Andy Smith andyster at gmail.com
Wed Apr 12 09:27:11 EDT 2006

We're using Dojo in a bit of a specialized setting in the chrome in
Flock and don't need cross-browser compatibility in the least, while
we do need high performance.

Although we haven't yet stripped down the build to our bare essentials
yet, we are mostly using dojo.event at the moment -- having some
issues with it that I will address in another message, too -- and the
bootstrap process is just about unnecessary due to our very confined

I'm not sure which bits would need to be massaged to accomplish this
(and maybe you can help with that) but ideally we would want to be
able to specify things in the profile that will remove most of the
platform compatibility checks. I envision this as some sort of
C-preprocessor style functionality in the build system.

Is this functionality useful to anybody else? Are there already
methods I can piggyback on to get this working now?

-- andy

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