[dojo-contributors] Re: Bootstrap Bloat documentation

James Burke jburke at dojotoolkit.org
Sun Apr 9 02:15:27 EDT 2006

I'm done documenting:


On Paul's suggestion, I also included hostenv_browser.js. I didn't do
the other hostenv_*.js files, since I'm not too sure how many are
actually used, and I don't think we are as concerned with bloat in
those files for those environments.

I also looked at dojo.js. I found a duplicated code block with
hostenv_browser.js, but I mention that in the hostenv_browser.js

Next steps:
- Please comment, particularly for the items marked for deletion or
move,  or where there is a question mark. If you answer the question,
remove the question mark. Comment directly on the wiki if possible, or
on this email thread if you don't have wiki access.
- If this sounds good, then we proceed with the deletes/moves
specified in the document, and then move the functions that only apply
to package loading (PL) to a new file. This new file then could be
optionally used if wanting full package support.

I'm happy to do the changes since I'm looking at other changes for the
package loading code (for cross domain and multiple dojo version
support). However, if one of the more senior developers want to do the
work, I'm all for that too -- please have at it. :) I would just want
to have it done this week so I can proceed with the other package
loading changes.

If there is no feedback by Tuesday, then I will proceed with the
surgery. If you want it done sooner (or if you want to do the work),
then be sure to comment early.


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