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Eugene Lazutkin eugene at lazutkin.com
Sat Apr 8 22:08:54 EDT 2006

James Burke wrote:
> I'm working at filling out the bootstrap bloat document that Neil started:
> http://dojo.jot.com/WikiHome/BootstrapBloat
> It is not complete yet, but I am using a system of documenting whether
> it is core or package loading code, and trying to get a handle on the
> references. I'll keep building it out, but if you have any feedback on
> the notation approach, please let me know.

I am attaching a script, which generates cross-reference tables with 
cumulative cost of modules. I hacked it up to fine-tune OpenWrt GUI 
(webui), and modified it slightly today for publishing.

This is how to use it:

python dojodep.py path_to_dojo_src

Note: it requires python 2.4. It will generate an HTML file to stdout.

For example I use it like this on Windows:

dojodep.py C:\Projects\Dojo\trunk\src > sample.html

It takes about 2s to generated all tables. It takes about ~20s to render 
it in FF 1.5. (Clearly these numbers depend on yout CPU.) Opera 9 has 
proved to be the fastest. But IE6 works too. The file is usually quite 
big (7-8M). It doesn't have any external dependencies, no scripts are 
included whatsoever. Still FF complains about "unresponsive script" 
(ignore it, and hit "Continue"), IE6 says it "protects" you from some 
"active content". Opera 9 shows it without any theatrics.

The resulting file allows navigation using module names. Just click on 
any module name and it will take you to detailed information on this 
module. If a header item looks to be cryptic, just hover over it, and it 
will produce a tooltip explaining what is it.

I strongly suggest to generate your own file locally, but if you can't 
and still want to see how it looks like, try this link:


Please note that it is 7.5M file.

If you want to improve it --- please do. If you want me to add/change 
something --- I'll try to accommodate your reasonable requests. ;-)


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