[dojo-contributors] Prototype-al simplicity

Paul Sowden paul at idontsmoke.co.uk
Fri Apr 7 23:21:27 EDT 2006

On 8 Apr 2006, at 01:41, Scott J. Miles wrote:

> Discussions on IM and email are always like this I'm afraid. One  
> guy reads the next guy's comments as rebuttal and never as  
> subtlety. I'm sure I make the same mistake.

Hey Scott, sorry, while I took your quote out of context in my reply  
I wasn't really replying at you.  I came back to what seemed like 10  
posts which skirted around the issue and questioned our coding style  
which may be a valid issue but I fear that it is not going to solve  
our code bloat.

I guess style may be a contributing factor but I rate maintainable,  
beautiful code incredibly highly and so I feel this is not a path  
that offers the most promise.

I think what I'll do now is draft up a proposal so we have a solid  
direction, I think this is better than hypothesising further.  I feel  
that dojo-lite, the very core, should be the best of breed and that  
the bulk, the weighty parts should be optional additions.  Dojo-lite  
will then comprise the truly useful functions that will make a  
developer feel naked without, it should be portable and light weight  
and have the rest of dojo standing by for making real world Web apps.

Paul Sowden

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