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I apologize for the crappy quoting. The messages look fine when I send them
and all damaged when they come back from contribs. I blame MS Outlook.

Scott J. Miles
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>> One small thing is to declare all the functions like they are part of 
>> an

Well, of course they *are* all part of an object. But it's an interesting
question. Generally when Dojo has an object that is designed to be used like
a namespace (i.e. never uses "this") we declare it in long form


I suppose we could save some bytes using object notation. Is it worth it?

Of course, we also have 1k worth of "node = dojo.byId(node)". =P

>> style.js: getInnerWidth ... setOuterHeight

I realize Bryan grabbed those up with RegEx, but I want to say for the
record that those names are actually deprecated in favor of using more
standard 'box' nomenclature.

Scott J. Miles
TurboAjax Group


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