[dojo-contributors] Prototype-al simplicity

Paul Sowden paul at idontsmoke.co.uk
Thu Apr 6 23:47:50 EDT 2006

On 7 Apr 2006, at 04:09, Bill Keese wrote:

> Paul - I agree completely w/what you wrote, and thanks for doing  
> that research, especially the part about our version of prototype  
> somehow ending up 2-4 times bigger.

I'm so glad that we're on the same page.

> How come it's so much bigger?  My guess is that it's NOT because  
> "too many modules are being pulled in", but rather something more  
> fundamental.  Not sure what though.

OK, so this is my thinking;  the first step is to put all the chosen  
modules under a microscope to answer exactly that question.  The APIs  
will all need to be critically examined and a "spec" for the core  
dojo-lite agreed upon.  Hopefully while this is happening work on 0.3  
will progress and if possible we can deprecate APIs before 0.3 so  
that we can remove by 0.4, although I certainly wouldn't want to  
block 0.3 on this.

I really hope that I can kick start the auditing very soon.  It looks  
like James and Neil are doing a fantastic job with the bootstrap code  
so I'd like to start a similar process on the library code.

Cheers y'all!

Paul Sowden

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