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Scott J. Miles sjmiles at turbophp.com
Thu Apr 6 17:31:08 EDT 2006

First off, to rebut my comment with 'delegation is inheritance' is just kind
of funny. =P
My training is such that delegation refers to locating a method call
implementation at run-time on an object. The system of locating a particular
method through a prototype chain may be called delegation, but the process
of construcing a new object type by creating a new link in a prototype
chain, adding or overriding properties, and managing initialization is
something greater. 
If you wanted to rename dojo.event.connect to dojo.event.delegate, I would
say that is clearly correct. IMO, dojo.lang.inherits is JavaScript-style
If you want to call it cloneAndExtend or something, I can't argue, but it
seems like pedantry. 
Scott J. Miles
TurboAjax Group
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What are you referring to, Sandro's link or JS?  Delegation *is* the
inheritance model in JS, that's what the prototype system implements...


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IMO, what we have here is a type of mass delegation, potentially an entire
interface's worth. Additionally, where the new object does not contain a new
implementation of a method, it acquires the superclass method (or any 
property). Overall, I would say this is more generally an inheritence

Scott J. Miles
TurboAjax Group
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+1 to delegate.

It's closer to the proper concept.


Alex Russell wrote:
> To address Jesse's point, how about a name like:
>       dojo.delegate(subclass, superclass, { ... });
> ?
> On Wednesday 05 April 2006 5:33 pm, Scott J. Miles wrote: 
>> dojo.defineClass(subclass, superclass, { constructor: ..., param1:
>> ..., func1: ... });
>> +1

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