[dojo-contributors] Prototype-al simplicity

Bill Keese bill at dojotoolkit.org
Wed Apr 5 20:26:41 EDT 2006

Wasn't there a list of three options that we were supposed to vote for?

Paul Sowden wrote:
> Following on from IRC discussion on 2006-04-05.
> First off what we want to achieve, so that we are all talking about the 
> same thing:
>   1.  The same simplicity of download, include and use that Prototype 
> users enjoy.  This includes having just one file, no mess, no confusion, 
> no editions.
>   2.  Smaller file sizes for a small number of simple rollups.
>   3.  Full dependancy system for custom builds.
>   4.  Support for (James') online loader as an alternative dependancy 
> system.
> I think that's the gist.
> So, I think the issues that came up on IRC:
> Which modules would go into dojo-lite, the prototype killer?  Tom 
> started out with bootstraps, event and io.  And which modules make up 
> the other rollups (e.g. Animation, Widget, ...)
> Dependency code can become a full fledged sub-system and unrolled from 
> bootstrap.  James' online loader will then make brethren.
> bootstrap needs to be audited and ruthlessly shrunk.
> Dependancy trees need to be trimmed so that pulling one module does not 
> pull in the whole of dojo.
> Mature modules need to be audited to kill bloat and clean APIs.
> --Paul Sowden
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