[dojo-contributors] Prototype-al simplicity

Paul Sowden paul at idontsmoke.co.uk
Wed Apr 5 20:19:41 EDT 2006

Following on from IRC discussion on 2006-04-05.

First off what we want to achieve, so that we are all talking about  
the same thing:
   1.  The same simplicity of download, include and use that  
Prototype users enjoy.  This includes having just one file, no mess,  
no confusion, no editions.
   2.  Smaller file sizes for a small number of simple rollups.
   3.  Full dependancy system for custom builds.
   4.  Support for (James') online loader as an alternative  
dependancy system.

I think that's the gist.

So, I think the issues that came up on IRC:

Which modules would go into dojo-lite, the prototype killer?  Tom  
started out with bootstraps, event and io.  And which modules make up  
the other rollups (e.g. Animation, Widget, ...)

Dependency code can become a full fledged sub-system and unrolled  
from bootstrap.  James' online loader will then make brethren.

bootstrap needs to be audited and ruthlessly shrunk.

Dependancy trees need to be trimmed so that pulling one module does  
not pull in the whole of dojo.

Mature modules need to be audited to kill bloat and clean APIs.

Paul Sowden

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