[dojo-contributors] "core dojo", packaging, and the build system

Tom Trenka ttrenka at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 14:06:31 EDT 2006

> >     1.) do we want to make builds that include things structured
> > like this?
> I am very much in favour of this.  When I start on a project the
> first stage is usually rapid prototyping and Dojo very much gets in
> the way of my process.  I'd like to be able to include the Dojo bits
> that I need and get on with the task at hand, at the moment Dojo
> demands my attention, the package system stands in my way.
> Now I imagine this is a different scenario for widget authors, where
> I guess the package system can start to become a blessing as a myriad
> of files are required, or such is my impression.

I am also very much in favor of this.  It would help to counter-act the
perception of bloat as well...it's also at this point (I think) that
simplified, standard builds such as a build with the base widget system will
come in very, very handy.

>     2.) if so, what would the broad "rollup" files be, and what
> > would they include?
> So I think a list of end points would need to be defined, such as;
> event, io, dnd, date, html (css, dom)... ad nauseam, and then the
> bare minimum for supporting these modules would comprise the base
> dojo.js, presumably bootstrap and some of lang at least.
> I also like the idea of spawning the dependancy system into it's own
> file, if this is feasible.  This would then allow us to provide a
> dependancy system which can be picked up by other projects which I
> count as a win.

Paul's been reading my mind from across the ocean! :)  I'd count the
dependency system for other projects as a win beyond count; I can't think of
anything (other than the kickass modular system that would be newer Dojo)
that would be better for the community as a whole.

>     3.) how would we communicate to users how to use these build
> > files in conjunction with the package system? or would it be a "non-
> > package system" build?
> I guess the blessing I see is that this the only road block is that
> we clean up dependancies to make libraries stand alone, the package
> system is one and the same.  If the package API is included these
> files will continue to have dojo.require and dojo.provide signatures
> and so everything will Just Work.

Paul, you frighten me.  You have some sort of machine there in the UK like
in the XMen movie or something???

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