[dojo-contributors] [feedback wanted] Preferred Iteration forms

Brian Douglas Skinner skinner at dojotoolkit.org
Mon Apr 3 17:58:00 EDT 2006

Bill Keese wrote:
> Does this relate to the data binding stuff? (Commonly called cursors)

Hey Bill,

Yes, I think in the Dojo data-provider/data-binding code we'll want to
have some notion of an iterator or cursor.

A full-featured data-provider might have fancy features like being able
to move the cursor around, and being able to iterate over just a portion
of collection.  But we should make sure that simple things are simple,
which I think means we'll want to make it possible to iterate over a
dojo.data result set using the same syntax that people use elsewhere in
Dojo.  In the experimental dojo.data code that I checked in last month,
the ResultSet class has a getIterator() method that simply returns an
instance of dojo.collections.Iterator.

- Brian

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