[dojo-contributors] new committers!

Fredrik Johansson mumme at dojotoolkit.org
Mon Apr 3 15:14:46 EDT 2006

måndag 03 april 2006 19:57 skrev Alex Russell:
> I'm pleased to announce that two more have made the cut and are now
> full-fledged Dojo Committers.
> Congrats are in order to Morris Johns <morris at dojotoolkit.org> and
> Fredrik Johansson <mumme at dojotoolkit.org>. I raise my virtual beer mug
> in their general direction = )

Thank you Alex!

Well I suppose it's time to introduce myself, I'm Fredrik Johansson
I did the css race-condition bugfix, with a lot of support from Bill Keese.

I have been following Dojo on and off for about a year now, I found it because 
of a blog somewhere were Scott Miles, think it was him, showed a datagrid.

I live in a small town called Växjö in the south of Sweden, which in turn is 
in northern Europe.

I dont work with desktop computers professionaly, so I guess you could call my 
a hobbyist.

Regardless of that I will try to help Dojo as long as time, and my somewhat 
fragmented knowledge permits.

Fredrik Johansson

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