[dojo-contributors] Remote data formats

Bill Keese bill at dojotoolkit.org
Sun Apr 2 06:03:44 EDT 2006

Jesse Kuhnert wrote:
> I'm working on the combo box right now, and was wondering if there was 
> any particular reasoning why the data format is setup to expect [ 
> ["key", "value"], ["key", "value"] ] as the return type? (At least in 
> the test example given )
> Hopefully I'm being retarded again. (wouldn't be the first time) If this 
> is just semi-random, would it be ok if I created a patch to accept a 
> friendlier structure response like { "key":"value", "key":"value"} instead?

Not sure, except to say that (AFAIK) { "key":"value", "key":"value"} 
doesn't imply an order to the values (putting state names in 
alphabetical order, etc.)  Specifying the order seems useful...


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