[dojo-contributors] Remote data formats

Jesse Kuhnert jkuhnert at gmail.com
Sat Apr 1 17:30:32 EST 2006

I'm working on the combo box right now, and was wondering if there was any
particular reasoning why the data format is setup to expect [ ["key",
"value"], ["key", "value"] ] as the return type? (At least in the test
example given )

Hopefully I'm being retarded again. (wouldn't be the first time) If this is
just semi-random, would it be ok if I created a patch to accept a friendlier
structure response like { "key":"value", "key":"value"} instead?

The only reason I'm spamming the list instead of just making a trac ticket
is because it seems like a pretty big deal sort of thing to change around
response types on these data providers. Ideally I'd like to clarify which
response type is preferred so that I can either re-factor my java code
(taken from json.org ) to handle the first way, or start getting my patch
fingers ready to send stuff in where appropriate.

Jesse Kuhnert
Tacos/Tapestry, team member/developer

Open source based consulting work centered around
dojo/tapestry/tacos/hivemind.  http://opennotion.com
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