[dojo-contributors] Re: [Fwd: Stabile update]

Cris Perdue cris at perdues.com
Sat Apr 1 11:12:27 EST 2006

Bill Keese wrote:
> OK, and you can submit to the list also?
Sure, will do for future emails.  Did you want me to re-send anything?
> Here's the thing that I wanted to get input from other people on:
> 1) all the form input widgets (comobobox and editor) should clearly 
> work by your stabilize code (IE, the back button should work)
Sounds very good to me.
> 2) stuff like split pane sizer position... for example, all of my 
> pages have a left-part, right-part design with a slider in the 
> middle.  Even though the pages have different addresses, from the 
> user's point of view the slider should remain in the position they 
> move it to.   (To put it another way, the slider position in an email 
> program shouldn't change position just because you close the email 
> program, or because you open another message)
To maintain state like that the app needs state that acts more like a 
user preference.  I use the Thunderbird email client for example, which 
has sliders/splitters to separate the panes in its windows.  It 
remembers some window and pane sizes as preferences, but you can have 
more than one "main" window open, and each one maintains its own window 
and pane sizes too.

Some preferences, like per- *user* preferences, have to be kept on the 
server.  Otherwise they will get lost if the user logs in from a 
different browser.
> So I like the stabilize stuff but I wonder if we need something else 
> too, and where the dividing line is.
So yes, I totally agree with the statement that various different 
approaches to maintaining widget and application state are required.  
Each approach has its own characteristics and the application developer 
can choose ones that seem best for the application.
> Bill
> Cris Perdue wrote:
>> Bill Keese wrote:
>>> Are you on the dojo-contributors list?
>> yes, I get a daily digest, and even keep up more or less.
>> -Cris

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